Sexiest On-Screen Couples: Magazine Covers

  • Sexiest On-Screen Couples: Magazine Covers
'Twilight' stars Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and real life lovers Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson pose on this sultry cover of the December 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar.
Source: Harper's Bazaar
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  • Kathleen Kessler
    Kathleen Kessler

    These two are by far always the most beautiful and sexy couple!!!

  • Misty Petersen
    Misty Petersen

    This one is my FAVORITE they look so great together and Kristen is so beautiful Rob also looks so hot!

  • mileyismylife

    one of the most perfect and beautifully shot couple covers! Kristen is flawless and Rob looks amazing, cutest couple.