Sexy Celebs Tweet Out Skimpy Bikini Pics

  • Sexy Celebs Tweet Out Skimpy Bikini Pics
See the celebs who've showed off their bikinis bodies via Twitter.
Source: Twitpic
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  • Guest

    Slut - i hope she and that no talent, fur wearing moron board a plane headed for the bottom of some ocean. Adios mother fuckers!!!

  • Fizzypop

    Yuck! She looks like a transexual ladyboy from Thailand. Maybe that's where she has been going for all her bad plastic surgery.

  • Nelson Costa
    Nelson Costa

    so fucking HOT

  • Gloria Sedano-Sarabia
    Gloria Sedano-Sarabia

    UGH. Not THIS terrorist-looking WH*RE again!

  • h

    so shes sluty because shes wearing a bikini??mm ok...jealous much? if it would be a skinny girl with no tits no one would say anything. just coz she has a full figure and wears bikinis shes a slut?!....

  • Lix

    She looks like a was figure

  • Desiree Jacobs-Smith
    Desiree Jacobs-Smith


  • CAinCA

    I think the picture is altered. Her extra-wide hips have never been small like this. And someone else's comment was talking about the differences in her skin color. I think it's HER FACE put onto KORTNEY'S BODY. Kortney has hips that slim. So someone did a creative job with this pic.

  • rls4311

    THERE IS NO WAY, THAT THIS FAT ASS HO-BAG, HAS HIPS THAT NARROW. The picture has to be photo-shopped. Has to be. And why does her face look ashy green?

  • yuck

    wow. What a pig. Naaaasty

  • miss.rouso

    wow. she looks gorgeous.

  • alexa

    how slutty..and i think that she forgot to tan half her body