Sexy Celebs Tweet Out Skimpy Bikini Pics

  • Sexy Celebs Tweet Out Skimpy Bikini Pics
See the celebs who've showed off their bikinis bodies via Twitter.
Source: Twitter
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  • Juan Samuel
    Juan Samuel

    Thank God pig is not kosher or hallal. We have better taste

  • Gloria Sedano-Sarabia
    Gloria Sedano-Sarabia

    EW! WTF?!?! She is the grossest B*TCH out there!! And what the hell is going on with her bikini? Does it not have the undies part or am I seeing things?!

  • jbd59

    nasty skank

  • CAinCA

    Ewww, gross! It's the Snooks. Everytime I see her, I think of herpes, UTI's, & yeast infections.

  • Tata Partskhaladze
    Tata Partskhaladze

    whats wrong with her left leg??? WTF?

  • courtneybaaaby

    great body!

  • Selma

    love snooki, but it is just too much going on in this pic, the metallic purple, the leopard hoodie thing.. her body looks good though! :)