Shades of Grey: Casting Christian Grey

  • Shades of Grey: Casting Christian Grey
Christian Bale has the right amount of charm and power to play the controlling, sex-obsessed role of Christian Grey.
Christian Bale And Joseph Gordon-Levitt On Set Of "Batman -The Dark Knight Rises"
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  • Maria Carr
    Maria Carr

    I say Christian Bale could play the part of Christian Grey, the face I pictured as I read the series always was Christian Bale. He has the confidence, sex appeal and looks and body to play the part. He really should be casted.

  • Kennitha Carter Eicher
    Kennitha Carter Eicher

    Cillan Murphy has my vote.

  • Ella Jarquin
    Ella Jarquin

    I think that Christian Bale and Alexis Beldel would make the perfect Christian and Ana!

  • Jessica Trought
    Jessica Trought

    Ian Somerhalder and Anna Kendrick would be PERFECT for Christian and Anastasia!

  • Ashley Shields
    Ashley Shields

    christian bale would be horrible for this role.....

  • Sharon Liriano
    Sharon Liriano

    Sorry... I meant that Michael doesn't do much for me. I sold pref Ian

  • Sharon Liriano
    Sharon Liriano

    Doesn't do much for me

  • Ana

    Freddie Stroma for CG anf Lucy Hale for Ana

  • Ana

    Freddie Stroma for CG and Lucy Hale for AS

  • eks

    I like Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Alexis Bledel, Jessica Lowndes, and Lucy Hale for Ana. For Christian Ryan Phillippe, Matt Bomer, or Colin Egglesfield.

  • Presantha

    Christian Bale would be perfect for the role, he is handsome and intense.

  • MissBehavin

    I personally envision Arie Ludenyk from Bacherlorette as Christian... Just saying :) who knows if he can act, but I can dream!

  • Cathy Michlovitch
    Cathy Michlovitch

    It has to be Robert Pattinson and Kristin Steward, no one else fits the parts as well as they do.

  • YvonneS

    I've never taken any interests in hollywood stars until i read this book. I can't help but imagine Christian Bale as Mr. Grey. He is quite sophisticated, handsome and sexy in such a mysterious way, not to mention his acting skills and personality. He defintely fit the role very well. I look forward to see the movie with a real Christian Grey character an not just some pretty boys who just have the look but no inner soul whatsoever.

  • masseyclik

    Not Christian Bale, he would ruin my image of CG. I think Taylor Kinney (Lady Ga Ga's beau), would be a perfect fit, he fit's the description in the book and he is absolutely gorgeous. If not, then definately Henry Cavill. CG has his shirt off alot, so the actor that plays him must have a nice body!!

  • Carol Lee Ann
    Carol Lee Ann

    I agree. Christian Bale is the only one can play this role perfectly. He is so genuine, smart, intense, dark, complex and sexy. I couldn't think of anyone else for Grey.

  • ana

    Christian Grey = Matt Bomer Anastasia = Leighton Meester

  • nello

    I truly hope they will choose a relatively unknown actor to play Christian Grey. Although I agre Christian Bale is a good looking actor he is however WAY TOO OLD TO PLAY THIS PART! You would not want Ana's character to played by an older actress, so c'mon get real!!!

  • Catherine

    I think Christian Bale is perfect for this role hands down. He doesn't look his age, he has the look, and the dark side. All the other guys look too "pretty" but Bale has that edge that's perfect for this character!

  • Tammy89

    I agree 100%! But why do you say that his wife wouldn't let him do the role? Just curious.. :)

  • baleme

    Christian Bale is NOT old at all. He can play ANY character convincingly. I'd give an arm and a leg to have play Grey and Anne Hathaway as Anastasia. Look at their names! It match!!!! Cant get enough of these two as Bruce and Selina. Goddamn it. Anastasia char description fits Anne perfectly...eyes too big for her face. They can always make the 2 chars slightly older in the film. But oh well, even if the WHOLE world wants him as Grey, i dont think Christian Bale will take this kind of role. His wife wont let him do it anyway. So even if we beg him, he wont do it. This is too commercial for him (he said no more after Batman) So we'll be LUCKY to have such a talented actor as Grey IF he even agrees. Ian Somerhalder and the rest are good looking, but i dont think they can BE the role...acting chops not there dude. I mean Ian is smouldering, yes, but his acting in VD left much to be desired. The most he can act is always raising his eyebrow and thats about it. Flat lined.

  • Cortnie

    I think victor Webster would be perfect!

  • Roberta Dawn Giardina
    Roberta Dawn Giardina

    He has such a nice smile.

  • Jodi

    Christian bale is so not right for the part, too old and not beautiful enough. Matt boomer or henry cavill would be perfect!!

  • Tammy89

    Come on guys, I dunno if he would even agree for the role. But I would be super happy if he did. Anyone watched Laurel Canyon? The car scene? He left me totally turned on and breathless, and he was just talking! Just imagine what magic he could do in this movie. Since we have to accept the fact that he would probably decline the role, my next choice would be Ian Somerhalder or Mat Bomer. :)

  • dhinie

    i think matt dallas is perfect to cast as christian grey

  • nerdangel

    The best part about Christian Bale is that he doesn't look his age! I absolutely agree that Christian Bale should be Mr. Grey!

  • nerdangel

    Christian Bale would make a perfect Christian Grey... He looks good with a shaved face or stubble. He can play a business man and a sexy player. Christian Bale has done and will do a perfect lip curve smile! I do like Ian Somerhalder or Jessie Pavelka also for the role. All 3 look amazing in a suit, have great features, and have the look (in their eyes) of someone who can seduce any female. I'll be honest that the Christian Grey that I pictured was a combination of actors instead of someone real, but that's what's great about reading!

  • Kelly Mc
    Kelly Mc

    Jason Lewis would be the perfect Christian!

  • Jane Pacer
    Jane Pacer

    has to be Jenson Ackles for Christian, Nina Dobrev for Anna, Jennifer Love Hewiit for Leila, Mischa Barton for Kate, Joshua Jackson fro Elliot an Kim Catrall for Elana!

  • Crystal Searl
    Crystal Searl

    He's too old! Christian Grey is 27!

  • Elle

    Whoever made this list seems to forget that Christian is 27 years old. Patrick Dempsey, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Micheal Fassbender and Alexander Skarsgard could never pass for 27 years old. They're all too old. Robert Pattinson is just unfit, and besides, I've had enough of him. Now, Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Jamie Dornan or Henry Cavill... those are the actors who seem more fit to play the part.

  • Chris

    I agree wholeheartedly, he was also the first person I thought of. He's already proven his ability to play a character like Grey, so other than age (and there is something called "movie magic" - he's still youthful looking enough that I believe he can look like he's in his late 20s), I don't know why people don't think he's a good choice? And besides, he looks damn fine in a suit.

  • tony76js

    I agree, Bruce Wayne has got so many similarities to Christain Grey. Bale would be almost perfect if it wasn't for his age... It's a shame though...

  • Yuriwarti Sutarna
    Yuriwarti Sutarna

    From the very first time I read it, Christian Grey is Christian Bale. I dont know why, but he is definitely Bale!! Yes he's supposed to be 27 in the book, but no other actor comes close.

  • Jane

    Oh yes, I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Nina

    Bale is sexy, but I think that he doesn't want the role. Oliver Jackson Cohen would be a good choice. But Ian, for me, would be the worst!!!

  • Chris Shea
    Chris Shea

    I think Ryan Reynolds would play the part of Christian Grey!

  • Mandy

    yes !

  • janettesimpson

    Want actor James Franco as Christian x PERFECT

  • janettesimpson

    Noooo, please please can we have actor James Franco as Grey xx [img][/img]

  • Cw

    Absolutely Christian Bale to play Christian Grey. As someone else said previously, he has all the right characteristics and physical style right down to his "just F***ed" hair. I think after watching the Batman movies he most certainly has everything that has been so well described in the books, eerie actually. Regarding his actual age, i thought he was much younger, so i think he could definitely pull off that role. Vote one for Christian Bale.

  • Kelly

    He is not Christian Grey!!!! It would be awful! Im not even sure I want to see this movie, I dont want it to ruin the books for me... Kinda like my own images. I loved the books, the way the characters were, I hope the movie doesnt screw up!

  • leanne

    What about James Franco?

  • Lou

    I say Gerard Butler. Yes he's a little older than Christian but lets face it, he's a good actor and all sorts of stuff can be done by make up and film production teams now! Handsome, tall, has the hair, stubble and the class as well as looking hot in casual clothes!!

  • Lorna G
    Lorna G

    Im sorry but Bale is no Christian Grey, Ian Somerhalder is the perfect man to play Christian Grey. He has the smouldering eyes and mysterious look, plus a mighty fine body to throw into the equation

  • Sabine Grames
    Sabine Grames

    The problem with Christian Bale, other than being too old is that Christian Grey is a ilkeable and Bale has played so many mean spirited bad guys that I just can't get my head around him as Christian Grey. I don't like Bale at all for the role, the actor has to be likable to be believable even if he is dominant.

  • Jane Gascoigne
    Jane Gascoigne

    He is my pick, I think he would be perfect for this role!!!

  • MiMi Rodriguez-Guzman
    MiMi Rodriguez-Guzman

    Sorry, I agree him...10 years ago. I think he's a cutie, but he's no Grey. Sticking to my guns with Matt about bedroom eyes!!!

  • Jen McInnes
    Jen McInnes

    I think if Mr Bale plays Mr Grey i will hear "the batman" everytime he irritating! I think they need to give someone a little younger a shot at it. sorry girls.

  • Julie Rhodes
    Julie Rhodes

    No....PAUL WALKER!!!!!!!!

  • SDunn

    OK.. who the heck is writing this stuff? Please remember, Christian is a YOUNG multimillionaire in his late 20's!!

  • Melisa Burnett
    Melisa Burnett

    Now that is someone to mouth water over. Not Christian Bale. EWWW!!! He is such an arrogant, unattractive a**. Jus sayin!!!

  • Melisa Burnett
    Melisa Burnett

    EWWWW!!!!! He is NOT even remotely attractive. Sorry, but that is such a turn off. I wouldn't even watch the movie if he was casted. HECK NO!!!

  • E

    Agreed 100% that he should play Grey.

  • Yong Tang
    Yong Tang

    agree...Christian Bale definitely fits the role, he has the dominating look, and so damn sexy and mysterious!!

  • bb

    ewww NO I hope this is a joke

  • MC

    It should definitely be Christian Bale. All the other "younger" actors are just too "baby faced". Bale has the mature, sexy, mysterious, captivating and dominating look.

  • Tammy

    Alex Pettyfer is my 1st pick! (see him on Magic Mike)...I think he can pull it off! Although Christian Bale did a great job playing an American Pyscho....I agree, I think he's too old for the part. sorry C.Bale ;( My 2cents :)

  • brielle

    No ryan gosling. he's too...i dont know. not right for the part. i think that christian can pull it off. if he can play sexy ass patrick bateman, he can play even sexier christian grey. I also think robert pattinson can play as CH. he looks emotionally damaged and he's sexy as hell.

  • sandi


  • sandi

    Christain Bale would be perfect....

  • Carrie

    Yuk.... he doesn't look 27.... nor is he good looking.....

  • Jay Fuller
    Jay Fuller

    oh yes, I knew i knew that face that was being described in the book and it is Christian Bale, watch him in Batman the dark knight, watch the way he walks, he talks to Rebecca, he is Christian Grey.

  • TGirl

    Hemsworth is also a great contender! Age, looks, and he would seem like a fresh face as I've never seen him as the main character in a romance!

  • TGirl

    Hedlund would definitely qualify!

  • TGirl

    Did you not see him in American Psycho? Beyond creepy!

  • Lissette Fermin
    Lissette Fermin

    Eduardo Verastequi for Christian Grey

  • Lissette Fermin
    Lissette Fermin

    The perfect Christian Grey is Eduardo Verastequi

  • Kay

    Ryan gosling dammit! He's a really talented actor, good looking, sexy... And he fits the part... He has played a lot of those dark characters type and to play a sexy dom is nothing to him!!! Ryan all the way!!!

  • Suzanne Sadler
    Suzanne Sadler

    He was my first pick.

  • Jennifer

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian!!! No way o Christian bale or creepy Ian!

  • Kassidy Hendry Villegas
    Kassidy Hendry Villegas

    Ryan Phillippe!!! Think back to Cruel Intentions people! He's got that dark, smoldering, sexy look!!!! The perfect Christian Grey!

  • Eileen

    if not henry cavill. jonathan rhys myers,peter porte,what about jeff branson (ronan) on y and r. then there is warren kole of "common law" just some thoughts..

  • Rebecca McClean
    Rebecca McClean

    Babes. The only man for the part is Jessie Pavelka

  • Melanie

    OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN for Christian!

  • TinaLee21

    YES!! Christian Bale is definately the best choice. He may be older then the other actors being looked at but he does not look his age! Hes sexy, fierce, and could definately pull of being a dom. LOVE IT!!

  • johndavidstutts

    For Bale to go from playing the ultimate billionaire playboy with a hidden side (Bruce Wayne) to playing a pussy like Christian Grey would be a tremendous step backward.

  • SJ

    No way! Anyone see American Psycho!!! I'd be waiting for him to pull out the chainsaw, hanger, & ice pick!

  • Ashley Hunter Ŧ
    Ashley Hunter Ŧ

    needs to be a mini series on HBO!!!

  • Eileen

    what about Gabriel Macht believe that's his name. He plays Harvey on SUITS., or Peter Porte recently on Y and R he has that intrigue and cunning vibe and good looks.

  • Irina

    How's about James Scott - actor that is playing role of EJ DiMera in Days of Our Lives? A fine looking man :)

  • Stephanie

    OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN as CHRISTIAN GREY!! Try to search him on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE and YOUTUBE. He is so gorgeous, hot, handsome, tall man. He is a great actor.

  • Terri

    Charlie Hunnam

  • Terri Greff
    Terri Greff

    Charlie Hunnam. He is PERFECT for CG.

  • Rose

    Henry Cavill is perfect for the part. did anyone see his Dunhill commercial. it's in youtube check it out.

  • Ana

    I totally agree with you. He has the CHARM, CHARISMA, SEXINESS, and just overall RAW SEX APPEAL. HENRY CAVILL is perfect for Christian Grey. Please refer to his DUNHILL commercial with the chopper. Hello CHARLIE TANGO!

  • Rebecca Ru
    Rebecca Ru

    Um, definitely!!! In fact while reading the book I imagined him to look exactly like him. He's described like him, and although he might be older, he gives off the right vibe for the character. The other actors listed are too cute for this role, Bale would be perfect!

  • JL

    Ugly? Really? I beg to differ.

  • Fiona Macleod
    Fiona Macleod

    Oooohh my God, me too!! ^0^

  • Fiona Macleod
    Fiona Macleod

    You know I have always imagined Grey as Bale.... this would be like a dream come true!! I would prefer that Grey's character be played by a slighly more mature man, like Bale. We've already seen his domineering, sweet ass in the recent bat man films, I would not complain to see more of him in a film like this. Pllleeeaassee!!!

  • jj

    With Bale's good looking and charisma, it doesn't look creepy LOL

  • DB

    Jason Lewis (from brothers and sisters) fits the description of Christian Grey better than anyone on the planet. He is perfect for the role. Opinions?

  • JL

    Hell Yes, Christian Bale is Christian Grey. No, he is not too old. These younger guys are lame in the acting department. He has the looks and he the acting ability to provide depth to this character. He doesn't like romantic roles, so he probably won't consider it, but I wish he would :)

  • Kerry

    ABSOLUTELY YES! Ian all the way!

  • Kerry

    Nooooo! Dont do it :( Christian Bale is no Christian Grey :( :( I would personally like to see either Ian Somerhalder or Robert Buckley sluuuup! yes please

  • Danielli

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be also great as Christian Grey. He is so gorgeous. :)

  • Lynette

    Christian Grey=Matt Bomer!!!!!

  • Tonia Denise Hudson Williams
    Tonia Denise Hudson Williams


  • Jade

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great for Christian Grey. I saw his pictures on Facebook and Google. He is so hot and gorgeous. He is 26 yrs. old. He is 6'3 ft. tall. He is physically fit. He is perfect for Christian. :)

  • agilliam

    Hell NOOOOO!!!!

  • Kimberli Spence
    Kimberli Spence


  • Kimberli Spence
    Kimberli Spence

    The entire time reading the trilogy I could only picture christian bale!! That was before all the movie hype! You all that don't think so need to watch American Pshyco between that character and batman OMG! Christian bale all the way!!!!!!

  • maryamcullen

    I'll kill the casting crew if they make him Christian Grey!!

  • SK Jean
    SK Jean

    no!!! henry cavill is a better fir for elliot

  • Lydia Bujarski
    Lydia Bujarski

    yes yes yes....I mean yes for the role...great choice

  • becca9319

    I totally Agree with beachluver3. Christian Bale is who I pictured as Grey when I was reading the book, and can't imagine anyone else playing this role. He is perfect, if not slightly a little bit old but oh well... He is such a talented actor and he's HOT. Hope he gets the role!

  • kar1


  • beachluver3

    OMG!!! Yes ! He is perfect:) The whole time I read the book I had him in mind!!! He is so mysterious and dark and super sexy!! He is Christian Grey!

  • juliemariposa

    Matt Bomer !!!

  • debi

    no way ! Garrett Hedlund

  • Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen

    Omg NO!! Not only is he ugly but he is WAY too old!!

  • Michelle

    I know the character is 27, but he would have made a perfect Mr. Grey!

  • Laura

    Absolutely YES!!!!!! Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Flava

    How about Chris Hemsworth? Tall, has Fifty's build, VERY good looking and young. He's who i pictured when reading it.

  • 50shadesfan

    NO!! All I can picture is American Psycho

  • Nono

    I would have definitly said Christian Bale, had he been younger. He would have been the perfect Christian.

  • natalie

    NO WAY. Christian Bale is fugly with a capital F. Besides, he's way too old, Christian Grey is supposed to be 27!!

  • Krista

    Sam Worthington would be a good contender

  • Krista

    How about Sam Worthington?

  • Jordan

    Johnathon Rhyes Meyers should play Christian Grey.

  • Gia

    Garrett Hedlund as Christian Grey

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis

    Eddie Redmanye

  • Emily Faulk
    Emily Faulk

    Ian is a 33 year old dating a 23 year old... Just saying... (Love him, but if the shoe fits...)

  • Lis

    The problem is that if he plays Christian he's going to come off as the creepy older guy who really likes virginal co-eds. This BOTHERS me.

  • april

    no way! ... where is Matthew Bromer on this list? need to keep with the 35 and under men!

  • Isabel


  • Mary

    I dont think so at all

  • Patty

    No Way!! Ian Somerhalder...YES!!

  • Lovin 50
    Lovin 50

    I agree 100% BUT.. sadly, he's too old now...10 years ago. YES Absolutely...Christian Grey needs to be manly and tall; a meaty actor like you said. Henry Cavill would be a good choice... or Mat Bomer...

  • Lovin 50
    Lovin 50

    Christin Bale is perfect...uh...10 YEARS AGO!!! He's way too old for the part! Sorry good choice but wrong decade

  • Cm

    Christian Bale would be perfect for grey. I can't imagine meaty actor or just pretty face playing Christian Grey. Bale is a perfect candidate for the model look and as a dominating figure with twisted past. He was the white and dark knight I pictured while I was reading the book.

  • Erin

    I really like him for gray. I think he can pull of the intensity that many of these cutie boys don't have. We are talking about a Dom here not a boy band member.

  • Jane

    Seriously? How did he make the list? He's no Mr Grey!!!

  • Staci Moore