Shades of Grey: Casting Christian Grey

  • Shades of Grey: Casting Christian Grey
'Fifty Shades' originally started as a Twilight fan fiction, so Robert Pattinson may be perfect fit as the sultry Christian Grey. Plus, he's already stripped down for 'Cosmopolis,' so we know he'll be comfortable with the racy scenes.
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  • Jen

    Sorry, Ian is all wrong, too little and has problem with his facial expressions, as well as the acting.

  • Jen

    Yeah, Robert would be awesome in the role so much better than many of the others. He would be one of the actors I would pick for the role.

  • sue

    No Way!! he is Just awful. Matt Bomer any day.

  • Roberta Dawn Giardina
    Roberta Dawn Giardina

    NO!! He is ugly and doesn't fit the bill for CG

  • MEL T
    MEL T

    Just saw kristen stewart as someone to play anastasia! haha! Go figure! Hell no to both of them! If I had to choose it would be Ian Somerhalder and Emmy Rossum from this list. Ian especially!!!!!!

  • MEL T
    MEL T

    Ewww No!!! next they'll tell me kristen stewart as anastasia! hell no! gross!

  • Angelica

    Over used with twilight, sry

  • Team Ian!
    Team Ian!

    lol there was no chemistry in Twilight. Neither Robert Pattinson nor Kristen Stewart can act.

  • Elle

    Please, God no! And I doubt that after Twilight, Robert will want to play anything remotely related to it. I doubt he would take the part anyway, and if he did I would just not watch the movie at all.

  • samantha

    if him and kristen get involved in this movie i have lost all faith in good casting...they already ruined twilight please keep them out of fifty!

  • E

    Absolutely NOT!!!

  • brielle

    Yes...he looks emotional damaged. i think he could make a good christisan. damn....seing rob in a sex scene. hot@!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    btw- why is everyone posting about some of the choices as, "2 old" um, movies are to be LIKE to the book... they are NEVER an exact replica of the book. ??????

  • Dee

    please NO! I really want to see the movie, I won't if Rob is lead! who is this guy anyway? ... Leo D, is PERFECT!!!

  • Carrie

    How about someone good looking.... none of these are? Christian is suppose to be the hottest man alive that women everywhere stare at him.... all of these are horrible choices.

  • Kay

    Worst choice!! Puhlease! He's already edward! Come on ppl!

  • Amanda Lynn Main
    Amanda Lynn Main

    I couldn't picture anyone else but him playing Christian Grey. While reading the book I kept thinking to myself "Man! He reminds me of Edward in Twilight!" & now I find out that the author E.L. James used the characters Edward & Bella as her inspiration in 'Fifty Shades' I think Robert & Kristin would be perfect but I'd still be happy with at least Rob because he just fits!!!

  • Amanda Lynn Main
    Amanda Lynn Main

    Christian Grey is YOUNG! not seasoned lmfao

  • Lindsey

    Nooooo!! Need a new face!!

  • Delle Davis
    Delle Davis


  • Delle Davis
    Delle Davis

    Finally someone else understands the way the story should end, It should end in reality and not a fairy tail.

  • Delle Davis
    Delle Davis

    If Christian was inspired by Robert Pattinson . . . who else would be more of a fit. Robert and Kristen have worked very hard for almost 5 years to build these characters, how can anyone expect someone else to compete with their knowledge of the characters. There is no one else that could explode the passion that Rob and Kris would bring to the screen. Millions of fans have waited so long to see this happen. They have not waited to see Ian or any of the other beautiful guys . . . just Rob and Kris

  • SJ

    "if they pick someone too good looking"?????? Um the character is Suppose to be ssoooo good looking that women, almost ALL women btw, blush & are rendered speechless around him. (that has to be pretty damn hot, & then some! B/c it'll take more than just good looks for that!). As for Rob, I love twilight & all... But he doesnt have the body for the role!

  • Zambra

    Yes he does have that mysterious thing going on..but he's tooooooooo Scrawny! Christian is manly, a bit rigid, dominate and tall, definitely not Robs strengths...

  • Ash

    He seems too weak. Plus no just no

  • Katie Louise Moxon
    Katie Louise Moxon

    No chance

  • maryamcullen

    Most definitely YES!!

  • I'm4Rob

    Whether you guys like it or not, E L James, the author of this wonderful trilogy, has said that EDWARD AND BELLA were her main inspirations for Christian and Ana... So, in reality, I think the producers will look to the Twilight cast before anyone else... Besides, he would do the part like no one else could. The word is, if they pick someone too good-looking then it won't be right.. I want ROB PATTINSON to play Christian Grey. He looks the part, he has done graphic sex scenes already, he (as proved in Twilight) can be intense, he can cry and be emotional, or closed off, and he can be scary and livid as well - plus, HE'S EDWARD CULLEN, AKA, E L JAMES' INSPIRATION FOR THE CHARACTER OF CHRISTIAN. He is MADE for this part. I VOTE PATTINSON!

  • TwiFreak

    Absolutly!! The book was based on the Edward and Bella and their chemistry would just burn the theater screen, hot hot hot..I don't think they would consider it and if they did I think they would only do it together. When you read the book, there are so many implications that this is Edward and Bella. They would so tear up the screen with wild, wantom sex.

  • Lauren

    Personally, ya I see him as "Edward" but damn could you imagine the chemistry they had between them in Twilight, It'd be fifty millions time better here. He's a very sultry man, think him and Kstew would be a sexy combo and c'mon who ever read this book is sexy :)

  • Kyrsten

    Absolutely not!!! This story is not called Twilight, its called Fifty Shades of Grey!!!

  • clblack

    For those of us who read the orignal story, when it was a fanfic, He is THE Christian Grey.

  • Constance Stepney-Totten
    Constance Stepney-Totten

    NO!!!!!! i would only be able to see him as Edward if he plays the role of Christian i don't think he would be able to separate the two...

  • nwc99

    I'm with you on this one!!!! He is no Christian Grey!

  • Triple b
    Triple b

    Please no!!!

  • Jillienne Remmy
    Jillienne Remmy

    not just heck no, but HELL no!!!!

  • Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen

    Omg gag my with a stick!!! No!!!!!

  • 50shadesfan

    Seen way too much of him.... there are other actors other then Kristen Stuart and Rob Pattinson!!!!

  • Nono

    Love you Rob. But too much exposure in Twilight films, which I loved the chemistry between you and Kristen. Nothing can compare to that chemistry. Rob move on to bigger things

  • Pamela Paras
    Pamela Paras

    NO. Absolutely not. He'll always be Cedric Diggory to me... and I soooo do not think of Mr. Hufflepuff as king of BDSM. Besides, I am so sick of hearing about Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stuart that I could puke. Let's leave them in Forks. and get a seasoned sex pot to portray Christian Grey

  • mariaNNa

    Definitely hes SEXY TALL AND BEAUTIFUL the PERFECT Christian Grey! AND NO Ian is too short for Christian Grey.

  • Jasmine

    No!!!! Ian absolutely is the one. Love who the others ARE but they are no Christian Grey

  • Mary

    I can't see pass Edward. So, nope.

  • janet

    no i have had to much of them

  • Patty

    NO Way!! Yuck!

  • Lovin 50
    Lovin 50

    NO!! Keep Rob and Kristin OUT OF THIS ONE!!!

  • missxo

    Ian Somerhalder and no one else.

  • Jane

    No HELL NO!!

  • Staci Moore
    Staci Moore

    In our dreams right? We want Rob!

  • Magda

    No one Better than him for Christian Grey!!! and if we add Kristen... = PERFECTION!! <3

  • Irina

    Yes!! the perfect Christian Grey. no One else.

  • Chris B
    Chris B