Sheryl Crow Bikinis in Hawaii

  • Sheryl Crow Bikinis in Hawaii
Sheryl Crow shows off her amazing bikini body while vacationing in Hawaii with her sons Wyatt and Levi on February 23, 2012.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • Michelle

    And skin and bones? You mean the bones underneath the muscles forming that fit and amazing body? Go die in a hole you useless vast waste of space. You probably have your own orbit. Oink oink.

  • Michelle

    You mean the breasts she has from beating Breast Cancer "tony"? Only a woman would say what you said, because you are clearly jealous and overweight. Secondly, she does look fit and amazing. She's beautiful, you're not. Stop being a jealous cow and go put the fork down. You who thinks its okay to call women names but probably throws a hippo fit whenever someone points out how ugly you are, inside and out.

  • Tina Fiore Carnevale
    Tina Fiore Carnevale

    There are endomorphs and ectomorphs. You can't be made at her for the body type God gave her. I have an auntie who's close to 70, she eats and drinks everything, but hasn't gained a pound since jr. high. Her older sister is just the opposite in that, she smells food and gains weight. I think Sheryl looks great.

  • Tony

    This is "exactly" whats wrong with HOLLYWIERD! You call this amazing! Really. She is a skeloton. Sorry I dont find that atractive in the least. Gice me some curves. She has no chest. looks like a sick little boy! Really Gross. Skin and Bones is not sexy people. WAKE UP