He s the Mac guy

  • He s the Mac guy
He's the Mac guy. And, well, she's freaking Drew Barrymore! Justin Long is one lucky computer nerd.
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  • F.

    I think they're really cute, I love Drew Barrymore.

  • EmilyFishigan

    I love both of them, i think drew is just stunning, and justin is effing HOT!!!!

  • royalrub8erduck

    I think they look cute together despite of their statues.

  • jenluvzrob

    i tihnk he is soo effen cute!

  • im so good
    im so good

    theyre both crazy. they can just both raise pet dolphins, feeding them cactus juice and dance naked with them every night while watching american idol and eating mashed up panda penises with frogs bladders.

  • mexicangirl

    but they look so cute!!! I like this couple