Photocall for Transformers 2 at Four

  • Photocall for Transformers 2 at Four
Photocall for Transformers 2 at Four Seasons George V Paris, June 12th 2009.
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  • tipima

    shia is soooooooooooooooo cute i adore him

  • Laughing With You
    Laughing With You

    Well that "white trash toe thumbed young lady" is living her dream and making some nice cash doing keep on looking at her pictures and giving her all the attention she's looking for...(amused).LMAO!

  • NYC chick
    NYC chick

    shes white trash

  • fun bobby
    fun bobby

    god you people are such zombies. she's the dumbest person alive, she has no talent and been in one movie and got a "popeye" tatoo on her arm but as long as everyone says she's hot then everyone must agree. She just stands around making dumb faces. Wait, I think her can of spinach is ready. Ding!

  • jelocy

    million times hotter than any hater will ever be...........................

  • chicagobratz

    im not lez but i have a girl crush on her she is hot hot hot

  • cmzrn

    That's so funny she is beautiful and she does have toe thumb. Nobody's perfect.

  • fuck offff
    fuck offff

    f*ckkk uu stop talking sh*t about her she is soo beautifulllll andd f*cken hhooottttt

  • noah

    zoom in -- she has a "tow thumb" - someone put her in a circus cage.