Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Through The Years

  • Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Through The Years
The Jolie-Pitt family headed out in New Orleans, Louisiana to do some grocery shopping at a local market on March 20, 2011.
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • Laura102

    It is inane to call someone 'jealous and bitter' because they express an opinion you don't agree with. How do you know that Shiloh wants to dress that way? And she is being dressed by stylists and designers. She has been dressed by Angie since she was too young to know what she really wanted. It's now to an extreme fashion wise, not just tomboy pants and tops. Let's face it--parents do make wrong decisions. Duh!

  • mel

    OMG you sure do not have anything positive to say. Jealous and bitter is what you are. They are kids and the parents are wonderful enough to let her be what she wants to be instead of having a stylist or so other designers dressing their kids up to always look good in pictures. If you want to criticize, look at yourself first in the mirror and if you see perfection, then call the magazines and have your pictures taken and see if people really see perfection. And if you are deemed perfect in the eyes of the the public, then go ahead and criticize.

  • ebru

    Dear Mrs.Angelina Jolie and dear Mr.Brad Pitt, Today, in the ''Vatan ''newspaper,I read that,you will be in Hatay-Turkey,tomorrow,for to visit the Syria immigrants,who ran from Bashar Al-Assad's Army.In the newspaper;I read that you will stay a few days,in the tent(where the immigrants live),in Hatay-Turkey.In this part of Turkey(in the SouthEast Region of Turkey)is very hot,in the summer.Therefore,you have to be very careful about the Scorpions.Because,they are very dangerous animals.If they sting a person,he can die.Therefore,when you sit,when you wear your dresses and shoes,you have to look in your dresses and in your shoes.Especially,when you go to bed at night,look at your bed carefully before you sleep.Now,I will give you an information about the Scorpions. Scorpion:Around 2.5 to 5 cm. according to the type of black,yellow,brown,blue can.They feed on insects.In general,the stone wall cavities,holes in the soil,basement,roof,wooden buildings,warehouses,places such as nested in the rubble.Approach or enter buildings to nest and find food.They can be found everywhere .Scorpions are active at night.During the day,they like dark cool places and in spend the slots(Because,the Hatay city's very hot,all the summer.The Scorpions are very poisonous.All Scorpions glow green under ultraviolet light,so in places,when you walk at night,you have to carry a portable lamp would be useful. Your visit will be a great morale for the immigrants,because they are very alone.I hope that,Bashar Al-Assad should leave Syria,soon. Dear Mrs.Jolie,your job is very important.You always help to the poor people and you are very self-sacrificing.The Syrian immigrants will be very happy to see you. I know that, you are appreciated by the whole World. For me,you and Mr.Brad Pitt are Heroes. Yours Sincerely Ebru Dicle-Physics Engineer

  • j4forlife

    It is sweet, but it is a little strange for boys that age to be holding hands. It almost looks like they are scared.

  • ChrisB

    I'm just thrilled about how cute they are, but I don;t understand why they dress Shiloh like a boy?

  • Sampaguita

    Do not jump to conclusion. Probably, she fell and broke the tooth.

  • Enough is enough
    Enough is enough

    Beautiful children-why do they dress them like the clothes came out of a thrift store rag bin? Shameful. How did Shiloh lose the tooth several years back? Baby teeth are not lost until about age 6. That took force!

  • MamaD

    such a beautiful family. I love getting a glimpse of them all together...3 boys, 3 girls...they're like the hip, gorgeous Brady Bunch.

  • db

    Look at the boys in the back holding hands! How adorable.

  • ME

    Such a beautiful family. You can tell Shiloh is going to be really tall.

  • Miranda

    Shiloh's baby sister Vivienne looks JUST like her!! Both are adorable little angels.