Shirtless Justin Bieber in Los Cabos

  • Shirtless Justin Bieber in Los Cabos
Justin Bieber goes shirtless on the beact in Los Cabos, Mexico.
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  • Robin

    I think in the Grammys people sholud express themselves and the perfect example is LADY GAGA. She expresses herself through her clothing practically everyday. She isn't afraid. She is a leader. And any other celebrities that arn't afraid to be leaders I wish you good luck. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE.

  • Hena

    The timing is ltneaircy interesting. Kimmie Kakes had to have known her sister was pregnant when she decided to ditch her faux spouse.Maybe Lurch wasn't so compliant & complicit after all. Bet she was steamed that she wasn't the one who'd be registering for KKK baby items.Hmmm . names for the almost-baby .. Kash Kardashian-Humphries, Kristopher, Kassie, Kwazie .. What a Katastrophe!

  • stephbieber

    Hot.. <33