Lisa Ling poses for the NOH8

  • Lisa Ling poses for the NOH8
Lisa Ling poses for the NOH8 Campaign, a silent photo protest to overturn Prop 8.
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  • jon

    this is really too much. Had the vote went the other way and gays were allowed to marry, and people who did not support it started up all this stuff. We would all be told the country spoke get over it. So i will say this. you are allowed to marry just like every one else. men marry women and women marry men. Any "Christian" star who supported this campaign. Is not a Christian and they need to reevaluate their faith. so with all due respect. America voted. America defined marriage as one man and one women. America and Americans have spoke, please get over it. take all the effort you are putting into this and put it into stuff like great groups. Such as stand up to cancer or the lance Armstrong foundation.

  • sfingaaa

    Woow!!! Love it!!