Stars Pose Nude For Allure Magazine: Maria Menounos

  • Stars Pose Nude For Allure Magazine: Maria Menounos
Starlets pose nude for Allure magazines issue, hitting newsstands April 24, 2012.
Source: Patrick Demarchelier/ALLURE
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  • Julio

    Katie, I totally agree with you (and Mel). Infertility has also tghaut me to be a lot less judgemental. You really never do know what goes on behind closed doors, and you certainly never know what's going on with someone's BODY. Hell, I don't even know WTH is going on with mine half the time; it's certainly not my business how others deal with theirs!And sure...there need to be some standards in society; most are considered LAWS: don't harm children/animals, don't steal, etc. But how long someone is married? Not my concern.

  • Shannon F Turner
    Shannon F Turner

    dinner for humm me

  • Amber

    She is soo beautiful.