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Blake Lively. This Gossip Girl star shows that you don't need to be model-thin to be a fashion darling.
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  • Kelly

    I hate these! Every woman is different! Just becuase I am a size 0 (I am also 5 foot) does not mean I do not have curves. Most people on these sites believe that "curves" is not a size 0, but you can be tiny and have curves who doesn't starve herself, why can't we love all women's body types

  • blahblahblah

    they mean she has boobies. dumbasses

  • Brenna

    She IS model-thin. Who picked her for the "curves" gallery?!?!?

  • Jo(:

    Hollywood really needs to learn how to use the word curves correctly. Nowadays, it's been used for girls who are over-weight. That's not curves, that's just fat! (No offense to anyone) Curves are exactly what Nia Cruz Colon said; get it right people. And Blake Lively has NO curves, she just shows her boobs and legs too much.

  • Nia Cruz Colon
    Nia Cruz Colon

    Huh???? Honestly that ain't curves! Curves are : great hips. thin waist, a nice proportion of both front and behind, and rock on legs . Like Beyonce, JLo, Carmen Electra, Halle Berry, Katrina Kaif, Elizabeth Hurley,etc.......But Blake is just in shape

  • annabannana56

    She doesn't have any curves! She's FLAT!

  • crystalhope

    Beauty! Luv her

  • itsbroooker

    She's not curvy? She's pretty damn thin!