Christina Hendricks Va-va-voom This

  • Christina Hendricks  Va-va-voom  This
Christina Hendricks. Va-va-voom! This Mad Men star has no issue with showing off her voluptuous body in figure-flattering dresses.
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  • annabannana56
  • lully


  • cm

    that much cleavage ventures into porn star territory

  • Vito

    that's just disgusting! Hey, Fried Eggs...the dress is disgusting, but the woman is a doll.

  • Olubunmi Oyewobi
    Olubunmi Oyewobi

    i read somewhere she is planning to succomb to the skinny blond hollywood syndrome and thats not good .. she might need to reduce the boobs for her back but she is fine..

  • freshup16

    those cant be real

  • Jo(:

    Ahah, it is true that she does have huge boobs, but she's is one of the most NATURALLY curviest women I have ever seen and she rocks her body. Love her!

  • Nia Cruz Colon
    Nia Cruz Colon

    Hahaha come one that's not even a body to die for, the only thing u can see there are bigs balloons! 0_o

  • annaH

    that's just disgusting!