Demi Lovato The Sonny with

  • Demi Lovato  The Sonny with
Demi Lovato. The Sonny with a Chance star has grown up right before our eyes! Demi has said that she is getting more and more comfortable with her lovely curves. You look great, Demi!
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  • Jasleen

    Demi does have curves , i love her so much because unlike the other toothpick skinny girls (not naming any names) i think this is actually a healthy wieght. :)

  • Jo(:

    Curves? Where? Trust me, she does have curves. I mean, she her boobs are non-existent but she has really great hips and actual CURVES because her waist is small. You can tell when she's in a bikini and on her show Sonny With A Chance. Demi is great, i love her : D

  • annabannana56

    Curves? Where?

  • crystalhope

    What curves are we talking about?? haven't noticed them on this very pic

  • ashleytizzyfan

    she is so amazing :D