Stephanie Seymour Bikinis in St. Barths

  • Stephanie Seymour Bikinis in St. Barths
Stephanie Seymour is photographed while on holiday with her family in St. Barts.
Stephanie Seymour Bikinis in St. Barths
Source: INFDaily
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  • Kit Carson
    Kit Carson

    Don't blame the woman for the view, blame the person who took the pic

  • Fawks

    Only a (jealous) woman would see it that way. The problem with Seymour and her body is that she can just be standing and it looks like she's posing. She's that sexy. What mom have you not seen on all four playing with their kids? Oh but what's the difference there: they're ugly fat pasty moms that let themselves go. Those could TRY and pose and would still be as sexy as a hippo herping and derping around. I'll conceed that she may be wearing bikinis that are slightly too flimsy and a one-piece that covered her shapes more would subdue her sexiness. But the fact remains that Stephanie Seymour is one incredibly sexy woman and it will always shine through no matter what she does. Did you know fewer people marry and at an increasing age? Well it's because entitled fat american cows such as yourself. We'll fuck you while you're still young but beyond that you bring neither a caring personality, a fun attitude nor anything else but your moderately practical use of a cum-recepticle. Bitching about real women maintaining themselves and then looking too hot when they play with their kids is just making you look like even worse and harpier deal.

  • rimmer

    i would lick my own hot nut out of that girls but thole.

  • rimmer

    I would eat her as shole all day long.

  • Randy

    That is one lucccckkkkky bikini....

  • Rajesh Bakshi
    Rajesh Bakshi

    I love the way you expressed but I don't love the way you used in statements because it can be better written to make someone understand.Your Strange friend

  • Tabatha

    why would you pose like this playing with your child!!!! cover your body up and save that for the romantic vacation with your man...not your kid!!!