Angelina Jolie's Style Evolution

  • Angelina Jolie's Style Evolution
While the dress is flattering on her petite figure, the black hair on top of the outfit gives her the slight resemblance of a witch here at the Academy Awards in 2000.
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  • Hanhan Solosolo
    Hanhan Solosolo

    Are you people serious? She doesn't look any different. I guess you want her to have had plastic surgery. she looks the same to me except she's thinner now. Plus, how do you explain the photos from before this time where she looks exactly as she does now? LOL so confusing.

  • julie

    The strangest thing are the eyes, which had that awful shape. She seems almost as retouched as M.j., thank God to a different result. Good for her, but she still exudes falsehood.

  • julie

    That's the reeeeeal Angelina's face. One cannot but enormously admire her plastic surgeon's jobs. She practically remade her face, and you can't figure out how the man, whoever he is, could be so absolutely successful. I am just not able to find beauty in her. I look at her face and her real previous figure haunts it.I get the feeling everything in her is false, not the face only.Weird!

  • xxangelxx

    She looks like Morticia from "the Addams Family."