Who Wore It Better: Robert Pattinson or Kellan Lutz?

  • Who Wore It Better: Robert Pattinson or Kellan Lutz?
Kellan Lutz in all black attire for the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Aisyah

    kellan lutz is the absolute fesint person in the world and i want to meet him some day b/c i am going die if i ever get to see him he is the only person in the world i would like to meet only if you could fix me a date for him to see me that would be the best day in my life and i dont have a very good life it sucks b/c of the people who are in it but kellan is the MOST awsome person in the WHOLE world.

  • Sevgi

    To those of you hanging on like Rose in the Titanic on her piece of drfoowitd to the notion that they are 'just friends,' after seeing these pics. I have to really question your intelligence, sanity, and state of extreme denial. Grow up. If you're his fan, let the man be happy. It would be one thing, if we only had this ONE thing to prove a relationship - but this man has told you time and time again, how utterly fascinated, in love with, crushing on, and amazed by Kristen Stewart he is. So taking THAT into context, why, WHY - would he suddenly decide, 'okay, I'm single, Kris is single, she loves me, I love her - but we'll just stay 'friends' - really, REALLY?? THIS is what u think?? You remind me of the people that say Brad & Angelina are 'just friends,' who really really wanted to raise kids together. Hahahahahaha. Get a life, and please respect this man's choice.

  • krazykat

    His amazing smile... those dimples... of course those eyes :) He really is striking... just a beautiful beautiful man!

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    my goodness Kellan is strikingly handsome. like damn, dimples & all !!