Miley Cyrus and Janis Joplin

  • Miley Cyrus and Janis Joplin
Miley Cyrus and Janis Joplin. We all know that Miley loves hippie chic and there was no one who rocked hippie chic like Janis. If Janis was still alive, the two could bond over their shared love of swinging their long hair around on stage and wearing long necklaces.
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  • Ilovemiley

    That's sick....Janis was an artist and a soulful person. Miley is an empty shell. Her fashion sense is canned and bottled and Disney and Billy Ray bought it with the money of stupid parents that should pay more attention to what their kids are filling their heads with. Peace y'all!

  • imfeelinggood

    whoa people chill's just a comparison.

  • Liz

    @simplydiffer agreed!

  • anonymous

    their both disgusting satan loving bicthes their all going to rot in hell thei thats the truth may god help them to find the right path as for the old lady shes in hell that's a fact!!1

  • amtfan

    @ummm you dont know miley to call her a whore. you on the other hand are one huge bitch.

  • adedreamz

    Guys chill! I love both of them!

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    there not saying she like her music wise just fashion wise which is kinda true

  • barbara02

    That's an insult to Janis Joplin's memory!!!!!

  • ummm

    how dare u compare janis joplin to that bubble gum wanna be whore

  • RockGirl! .I.
    RockGirl! .I.

    Shet noo! miley sucks >.< Janis is a leyend! a genius! rock pioneer! please don't do this things!

  • simplydiffer

    don't even compare miley to janis joplin in any shape of form. that just ain't right