Suri Cruise's Style

  • Suri Cruise's Style
Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise made their way out of their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hotel on October 6, 2011.
Suri Cruise's Style
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • Gingergrace

    Maybe Maid Kate could locate a comb and up her duties a bit to include combing her Boss's hair sometimes? I mean her duties are now mostly comprised of carrying toys, schlepping coats, blankies, binkies etc., and taking the young five year old boss SHOP-PING! Adding combing then would surely not add much stress to their every day routine. D'ya think? I mean Kate isn't bothering to dress HERSELF anymore. Not at all. Not anyhow, not anywhere. So that's all out of the way at least. Hmm...wonder how they will walk the pony along the Avenue and who will do the scoop-ups? Certainly not the Princess seated in her custom saddle. Fast forward to 2020...if you dare. Klonk.