A film with a cast already

  • A film with a cast already
A film with a cast already overflowing with talent saw cameos by stars Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift on July 30, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Both tween idols enjoyed each other’s company on set, flirting and laughing until director Garry Marshall interrupted them. The newly added actors are playing athletes for the fictional Henderson High School track and field team and Lautner took the opportunity to flaunt his athletic prowess and well-built frame, sprinting, jumping hurdles and doing the high jump while the less sports-inclined Swift did some mild stretching.
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  • Amy

    Shes not fat !! Shes only 7 and a half stone if anything she needs to put on weight !! >:(

  • faan

    TS looks too fat ): TL looks likee a king likee always