Taylor Lautner in outtakes from his

  • Taylor Lautner in outtakes from his
Taylor Lautner in outtakes from his photo spread for GQ.
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  • Thais

    Not of fan of the Kardashians? Don't watch it. Some people enjoy the show. I asreonplly don't watch, but I don't care if others do. The more you hate, the stronger they become. It's just best to ignore them and not open up blog post that talk about them.

  • Utku Jonas
    Utku Jonas

    OMG he's amazingg (:

  • tayobssesed

    idk what ya r talking about. taylor is the finest thing ever! my goal in life is to meet him:D

  • stay_ce

    ricky martin is hott and taylor looks good here too... *tear* he's all grown up.lol team jacob

  • sydsouth

    * he does not look like Ricky Martin at all...Taylor is so animated in this picture...he's so handsome and so adorable...I love this picture...so much!! I love his attitude in this ...confidence makes me go crzy!!!* =} *AWESOME..*

  • puertorican girl
    puertorican girl

    emm what's the prob his only a kid and he has more money than both of you so let him be yeah he's not a robert pattison but at least he is traying and if you got a problem with ricky martin beeing gay don't listen to him fogert him

  • thingsarejustlookingup

    He looks like a young Ricky Martin ... I wonder if he's gay too?

  • obsessed

    ok he doesnt look hot here.. he actually looks really ugly..