Wednesday January 27 2010

  • Wednesday January 27  2010
Wednesday January 27, 2010. Taylor Momsen joins her fellow cast members, of the hit TV show "Gossip Girl", on set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Taylor, who is only 16 years old, was spotted walking around on set wearing a very short black dress and smoking a cigarette.
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  • braziliangirl15

    oh, gosh, she thinks she's so cool just because she smokes... poor girl... i'm a teenage and i don't think smoking is cool at all... it's kinda disgusting and you get all smelly... and your breath... ugh! and it's also totally not healthy... in a few years i think she'll regret the choices she's making.

  • staggerlee

    Guess it's something to do between the drug and alcohol binges. And keeps the pounds off too.