Taylor Momsen outside The Late

  • Taylor Momsen outside  The Late
Taylor Momsen outside 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in NYC on August 25, 2010.
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  • B

    this is exactly what i wanted to say, but u did it for me:) she tries to seem rough, but i dont think that a 16-year-old girl can really be like that..

  • dani

    sometimes. shes scare me

  • Jay

    I wish she'd just cover herself up, she's like 16. Can't she wait til she's the legal age to be a whore?

  • Mallika

    I like her music. Personally I don't care for her sense of style. She dresses horrendously and not her age. If I was a mother I wouldn't let my 17 yr old out the door dressed like THAT. But whatever, that's merely superficial. I can get past all of that. The one thing that bugs me is her attitude. She tries to be all "I'm such acool rockstar, look I can say the f-word" and she has no respect for anybody. She comes of as arrogant.