Taylor Swift bowling with a group

  • Taylor Swift bowling with a group
Taylor Swift bowling with a group of friends at Pinz Bowling in Studio City. Los Angeles, California, 3/23/10.
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  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    That's cute :)) I hate them both but I have to admit, this is great pic :)))) It made me smile :D

  • krys

    These girls are so cute. Almost makes me want to be a 17 year old girl again. Almost. lol

  • germanxxannie

    that's so cute :D PS: OMG! Can't qou even stop talking sh*t about miley for a SECOND ?? ignore her and let us others be

  • Babybiebz

    Justin's favorite girls :D & My favorite Girls !

  • SelenaRulezz

    My favourite celebrities but those stupid paparazzis should let them alone and go to the ugly miley cyrus! CELEBUZZ LOVE SELENA AND TAYLOR BUT HATE MILEY HAHA JUTS LIKE ME AND THE MOST PEOPLE ON EARTH HAHAHA

  • DissEveryoneExceptTaylorandSelena

    What happened? Lol they're adorable

  • ciara

    aaaww cuteeee :D I'm not with these tweens stars but I like these girls very beautiful and talented girls