Taylor Swift Shops With Her Dad in NYC

  • Taylor Swift Shops With Her Dad in NYC
Taylor Swift shops with her dad in New York City on July 25, 2011.
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  • Astrid

    Yaaaay Lauren, I gave you your 13th "like" :-D

  • Astrid

    Sara, why haven't you uploaded a photo of yourself...? You must be very, very beautiful to find someone as gorgous as Taylor ugly ;-) Please, upload a profile photo of yourself first, I bet you don't have 1 % of Taylor's looks :-p And what's the point on judging people by how they look anyway?

  • amber13

    You go girl!!! Looove Taylor! <3

  • Lauren

    Oh, and you're the most beautiful person in the world? Everyone has flaws, obviously. You're so cruel to zero in on Taylor's, just because she's famous. I think Taylor's absolutely beautiful, and if you think she's ugly then keep your opinion to yourself. There's no need to put people down. You're obviously insecure about the way you look and this is your pathetic way of making yourself feel better about it. Just stop hating on people you've never met, and judging them on their looks.

  • Sara

    She's not a very pretty girl. Take away all of that face makeup she always wears and those veneered horse teeth and she'd be even worse.

  • sona

    that's cute