Taylor Swift's Real & Rumored Romances

  • Taylor Swift's Real & Rumored Romances
Cory Monteith. Taylor was spotted getting close to the Glee stud on a bowling group date with BFF Selena Gomez. Although the two never became an official couple, "Mine" was allegedly inspired by the handsome hunk.
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  • youtookmebysurprise

    Well when she introduces the song sometimes she says, I wrote this song after a boy put his arm around me. It could have been Cory even it they weren't officially dating anything. he could have just made her remember there are lots of guys out there and one day one of them will be the best thing thats ever been hers :)

  • livesinafairytale

    "Mine" was inspired by her dreaming about finding her dream guy. It was never about anyone in particular.. But they would be cute together.