October 28 2009 Taylor

  • October 28  2009  Taylor
October 28, 2009: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have dinner tonight at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Beverly Hills, California.
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  • StawBery

    is true they are couples???they arent unsuitable!!!!

  • glene2

    they really look cute together and really suit each other and who care if they are dating and selena gomez i think u are aut haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Dominique

    why u laughing for this is heart wrenchingly painful for me it would be painful if i knew for sure that it was real...they could just be friends...and it could just be a publicity thing cuz honestly...who would sit there long enough for them to get all these photos of them in the car...so idk...but i need proof before i go cry l0l

  • ms. lautner
    ms. lautner

    i'd take his last name anytime! :D luv this couple! how cute are they! tay squired! luv em!

  • twilight saga lover
    twilight saga lover

    They really look like they're enjoying eachothers company!! Anyone agree?? They really suit each other... Omg if they got married they'll be both Taylor lautner .. If she took his last name.. lol =]

  • sydsouth

    * I love this...I can't help but giggle my brains out---hhahahah!!!!* =}

  • Masquerade

    The one thing I hate is that celebs cant go out to eat with friends without everyone thinking OMG they are dating!!! Seriously THINK ABOUT IT! Who "doesnt" go out to eat with a friend? I know I do all the time!

  • aisha

    i'm laughing too here...hhhhhhhh +_+ why u laughing for this is heart wrenchingly painful for me

  • loubna

    i'm laughing too here...hhhhhhhh +_+