Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Bikinis in Florida

  • Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Bikinis in Florida
Farrah Abraham shows off her bikini body in Florida on September 28, 2011.
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  • stephie-love

    ... first of all, she is a teenager. grow up and have some empathy. her mother made her stop talking to the father of her child who then died shortly after. she's packing some serious emotional baggage. you don't know these people, so what gives you the right to bash them on the internet? get a clue. you only are shown what mtv wants you to see. if you had your worst moments broadcast on tv, i'm sure it wouldn't be pretty. p.s. if you want to go around talking shit on the internet, learn to type full sentences. no one takes you seriously.

  • Redman

    Just another good example of money and no parenting time her mom looks like shes trying to make up time she never spent with before the cameras showed up not too mention her mom looks half drunk or maybe just quit drinking now trying to be mom why else would she try to keep her daughters to right her wrongs duh and the dad looks likes hes just there maybe tryin to buy her love not show it .

  • sodisrespectful

    Just can't wait until Sophia says "OMG Farrah you don't know what your talking about, Now give me money, but me a dress, no not that one you idiot, stop controlling me, pay my bills, babysit my kid so I can go to prom and whine my way to being queen, and hurry up dammit!"

  • Karolina

    I think Farrah is bitchy and disrespectful to her mom because her mom TAUGHT her how to be a bitch. Her mom is a bitch and puts her down! You especially see that in the first few seasons (I think her mom slapped her in the first season?), but I think they've both gotten therapy now so they don't treat each other AS bad. But seriously she learned her bitchy attitude from her mom!!

  • ss

    OH you are so right and I agree.. she bothers me with how rude she is.. She really is such a little immature bitch to her parents. Someone should say to her how would you feel if your daughter treats you like this one day!! And she was horrible with the dog. She just bothers me!!

  • erika

    ur so fuckin stupid if ur gna defend farrah. shes a dumb bitch that doesnt deserve shit but to get smacked in her face. i cud never be as bad of a person and mother as she is.

  • Melrose

    hey kelll I'd be scared to disrespect you i wouldnt want a black and blue ass on top of my already white ass!!! LOL ;-)

  • scoobe

    her mom slapped her because she is a disrespectful, ungrateful beotch who got knocked up and acts like the world owes her everything. her parents need to cut her off and let her see what the real world is like. personally if she were my kid she'd be taking her meals through a straw for being so rude.

  • Kelll

    If I were her mother i would hit her too, I would beat her ass black and blue, I am in my twenties, and I know time could not have changed that much to where children talk to there parents anyway they want to, she is an ungreatful brat who cares for none other than herself, And i dont know who you are to think you can tell people "shut the fuck up".. they are our comments for a reason.

  • sandytoes

    Disrespectful and UNGRATEFUL!!!

  • INA isotalo
    INA isotalo

    Seriously guys! Shut up. You don't know ANYTHING about her. Her mom got community service cause she had hit her, and there's probably more behind everthing too. So please, shut the fuck up.

  • Alexandra

    She is so rude and ungrateful. If I talked to my parents like that, I would be so ashamed of myself. They just try to help her make good decisions. And why does she call her dad Micheal? That is disrespectful. He seems like a good father and he took care of her when she had implants.

  • llissel

    wow, she gets pregnant at 16th, she's mean to her parents and the reward is being famous? really?

  • sayimsha

    This girl HAS to be one of the most DISRESPECTFUL people I have EVER seen. Her parents do SO much for her & she treats them like shit, especially her mother. But, I guess you can't feel so bad for her parents because they raised her that way.