Fashion Style Selena favors mature

  • Fashion Style  Selena favors mature
Fashion Style: Selena favors mature, classic looks while Taylor loves to look like a modern-day princess.
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  • emilylowe

    I love both styles,but Taylor's style is more unique! So Taylor Swift!

  • iji

    this is not the best comparison while Selena is on a casual informal event Taylor is in a formal event the best comparison would be taylor in that event and Selena in the Emmys awards it would be better

  • maryamcullen

    both girls has their own way to dressed really doesn't matter what you depends how it looks on you!!

  • liriiiii

    haha deffooooo selena ís gonna win here.. and everywhere.. like taylor too.. but selena is LIFE.. (: kbythx

  • lynn

    SELENA! cause she knows how to dress like a person her age unlike taylor she needs fashion classes cause sweetie wat u wear is not the buisness!!!!!!

  • NMS

    Even though I like Selena's look, Taylor has sucha classic, yet modern twist to everything she wears. Taylor wins this one!

  • Nejra Kravic
    Nejra Kravic

    Taylor...I love everything she wears!

  • ilovenoah

    Taylor..She's such a modern princess. I love it.

  • leonardodicaprio

    Damn Selena has nice legs...Selena. I'm not into fashion.

  • annabannana56

    I agree..It fits their personality! Great choice of clothing....

  • simplydiffer

    tie. both styles fit their personality