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Friend Style: Sure, these two Teen Queens are actually BFFs but they also have other friends they look up to. Selena became besties with Leighton Meester on the set of Monte Carlo while Taylor has grown close to Katy Perry
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  • emilylowe

    Selena definitely wins this one because of Leighton Meester! And BTW you should so Leighton Meester vs Blake Lively! I would be so much fun to vote!

  • NMS

    Selena does win this one, even though I like Katy Perry, I like Leighton Meester a lot more.

  • Nejra Kravic
    Nejra Kravic

    Leighton and Selena look so cute together! God I can wait for another season of Gossip Girl! *fingers crossed*! Anyways,Selena wins this one.

  • ilovenoah

    Taylor...Katy Perry.Hot.Nuff said.

  • leonardodicaprio

    Yeah,Leighton Meester had a fake sex tape right? It wasn't her..Damn. Anyway,Selenais my pick.

  • annabannana56

    I must admit,I absolutely adore Leighton Meester and her role as Blair in Gossip Girl. So this one goes to Selena...But Selena and Taylor are BFF.

  • simplydiffer

    tie. both seem odd choices for friends for themselves