The 10 Best Moments in 'Harry Potter' History

  • 10  The Chess Game (Harry
10. The Chess Game (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 2001): "As for me? I'll be a knight." After book one, the chess metaphor doesn’t really return in the Harry Potter series, but looking back, there is something poignant and special about watching the trio, then a babyfaced eleven years old, in their first triumvirate triumph. They battled chess pieces larger, heavier and scarier than they were, underneath the school, in an effort to reach the Sorcerer’s Stone before it could be stolen - foreshadowing what they would be facing throughout the rest of the series, the mazes and obstacles that the three of them battle together in order to save their kind from tyranny. These three little kids square their shoulders against the encroaching dark forces - and win.
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