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2. Felix Felicis (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2009): For five and and a half solid films Daniel Radlciffe had been portraying the occasionally humorous but mostly steadfast, troubled young hero in Harry. When he downed a gulp of the lucky potion, Felix Felicis, in Half-Blood Prince, he became a kind of goofy comedian that few fans realized he could be. It was hard to tell whether audiences were astonished that Harry or Daniel could be so funny, but it was also hard to care, especially once he started doing his best impersonation of a spider’s pincers - an oft-repeated act among fans, even today.
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  • b_ella_14

    In the book he wasn't so... what's the word... drunk.

  • sobriquet87

    Lmao! Hilarious acting from Dan. He's got great comedic timing.