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4. "Severus, please." (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 2009): Quibble if you want (It made it clear Snape was on our side! It wasn't clear enough that Snape was on our side!) - but Michael Gambon's soft-spoken, heartfelt final utterance, delivered to a stricken, hate-faced Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) at the end of Half-Blood Prince carried just as much power as it did in the book. For a bonus point, watch Alan Rickman's face once he's done the despicable deed of killing his only friend and mentor. These small moments are the counterpoints on which the series hangs its mythic stature, and this one was pulled off brilliantly.
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  • Ken McAndrew
    Ken McAndrew

    I agree the movie version gave it away, but for one major reason. If Snape was working for Voldemort, why did he tell Harry to be quiet before going up to kill Dumbledore, when he could've...you know...KILLED HARRY? Or captured him even. In the book Harry's under his invisibility cloak, so Snape never sees him and it's left ambiguous. Of course, the last book was out before this movie, so maybe it was a "eh, they know who's side he's on."

  • luch

    that is my least favorite movie :s awesome book, but the movie was screwed up in so many important things

  • RolandSlinger

    I thought the movie version of this scene gave far too much away and didn't do the book justice. The book had Dumbledore pinned by several death eaters and weakened by his experience in the cave. It describes him as "pleading" when he delivers the line to Snape, and it comes across like he's begging for help.

  • junkie

    so f*cking sad