6 Hermione Punches Draco (Harry

  • 6  Hermione Punches Draco (Harry
6. Hermione Punches Draco (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004): It's a favorite book moment (although in the book it is a slap), and it was realized beautifully in the movie: Hermione, at wit's end after nearly a year of tripling her schedule by traveling back in time to attend a monstrous load of classes, has just about had enough of Draco Malfoy's bullying, taunting ways. She does - in a release of perfectly piqued tension - what everyone who ever called themselves Gryffindor had been dying to do since the first book, and unleashes physical fury. The resounding blow sends the sauntering Malfoy running for his mum. In the book, Hermione has to be held back by Harry and Ron to stop her from doing more damage - in the movie she takes a breather and realizes, "That felt good." In both, Ron stands in awe.
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  • dakota

    that was soo cool :) i can watch that part over and over and over again :)

  • sobriquet87

    Heck yeah! Loved it in the book. Loved it even more in the movie. Hermione is bada*s.