8 Cedric Diggory’s death (Harry

  • 8  Cedric Diggory’s death (Harry
8. Cedric Diggory’s death (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2005): Book four is when things get real: Voldemort returns, and all the previous adventuring and gaming starts to seem like child's play. This is brought shockingly to the surface when Cedric Diggory, the first sacrificial lamb to the second wizarding war, is casually killed by Peter Pettigrew using Voldemort's wand. In the book we don’t get to see what we do in the movie - in the book we are with Harry as he’s dragged into the heart of Hogwarts by an impostor. In the movie, we linger on the tragic scene at the maze’s mouth, and the crushing reality of a risen Dark Lord becomes evermore obvious. Only the stonehearted could watch Cedric’s father weep over his son’s lifeless body and call it anything less than a touching Harry Potter cinematic milestone.
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  • Dinorah López
    Dinorah López

    I din´t like him back then, but i did cried when voldie killed cedric haha.. Rob´s thing its not to have his hair all tidy, personally I think he looks better with his hair kind of messy.. that´s why for me he did´t look so handsome there.

  • dakota

    ^ me too! i agree with both the comments above me cause when he died rob wasnt in the next hp movies :(

  • edward151

    i cried so much when he died.....

  • barblicious

    i thought it was sad.. & i didnt want him to die