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11. Charlie Sheen, 'Two and a Half Men.' While there are actors like Courteney whose snub seems baffling, Charlie's snub is a little bit more obvious. Charlie's domestic violence charges and various troubles in the past year have taken a lot of the air out of his 'Two and a Half Men' success. His snub from this year's nominations felt like the Emmys' way of punishing him.
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  • lola

    I love ''Two And Half Men''.It's pretty funny...But does Charlie deserve an Emmy award?I don't think so. I agree with u, I don't think it was because all his problems, i think he wasn't that funny, at least not in this season!

  • annabannana56

    I love ''Two And Half Men''. It's pretty funny...But does Charlie deserve an Emmy award? I don't think so.