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12. Courteney Cox, 'Cougar Town.' While it may be the show that everyone is pretending that they don't watch, 'Cougar Town' does have some good acting, including Courteney. Her snub may not seem like a big deal but Courteney was also the only 'Friends' cast member who was never nominated for an Emmy.
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  • velcrodots

    Ya know who I reckon was the biggest snub, and even more so because none of these "biggest snub" polls even mention him? John Noble (a.k.a Walter Bishop and Walternet)

  • Coco

    he was nominated for outstanding supporting actor... so yep courtney was the only one dissed...

  • lola

    the guy who played Ross also didn't get a nomination, so she's not the only one of "Friends" that didn't get it

  • annabannana56

    True. She's a great actress.