1 The Punisher (1989)

  • 1  The Punisher (1989)
1. The Punisher (1989): Well, it certainly punished moviegoers, anyway.
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  • cmf

    I can't agree on this one: it's the best PUNISHER movie (don't start with the missing skull, did people complain about the X-men costumes?) and it's also a good independent exploitation flick, dark and gritty, not trying to be politically correct etc. And Dolph rules as the tormented and badass Frank Castle!

  • hmm

    sum of these films were algud.. i wuldnt say the worse ever in the whole genre. i agree with a previous comment that whoever made this list is one of those ppl who think twilight is a good movie..

  • Bad bad bad
    Bad bad bad

    I'm pretty sure that whoever put this list together hasn't seen all these films and just copied what other people have said. The fact that the 1966 Batman movie is on this list assures me that this person is an idiot!!

  • jerk

    This was pretty soggy. I doubt much effort went into it though.

  • smitti

    I guess you didn't see the Hoff as Nick Fury. That movie was drek

  • Dillon Shawn
    Dillon Shawn

    ...okay...you(the author of this list)redeem yourself. For the record...you should have added all of,"The Punisher",movies to this list. As for J.V.: Actually you're wrong about,"Spawn". It was a good movie(considering it was made on a shoestring budget). That movie,along with,"Blade",made money for Marvel so that they could have enough money to make some film called,"Spider Man."

  • joe

    i dunno punisher 2 war zone was torture to watch,

  • jv

    you forgot Spawn

  • soapstef

    Finally.....they hit one on the head! I've said many times that this was the worst superhero movie of all time.