10 Fantastic Four 2

  • 10  Fantastic Four 2
10. Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007): Four + 1 = crap. It's the new math!
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  • David

    Uh soapstef have YOU read the comics? On more than one occasion Fantastic Four was called "The World's Silliest Comic Magazine". There's always been good amounts of humor in the comics and from what I saw it wasn't over the top in the movie. It's not the best comic movie out there but it certainly isn't one of the worst.

  • Vinnie

    It's outrageous how they included Batman and Robin in this list! That is the first Batman film to revolutionise the whole concept of superhero movies! Godammit! Why is Fantastic Four:ROTSS on this?!?!! Even though it isn't the most perfect, it had a huge leap from the first movie!!! Whoever wrote this needs to look at themselves and go see the doctor! lol

  • jerk

    Maybe slightly less horrible than the first, but not even the Silver Surfer could fix it. Maybe if Johnny Torch or whatever dies horribly? That might help.

  • celebuzzworstlistmakers

    What retard douche bag made this list? Did you guys have a list of superhero movies, close your eyes and point? This movie was not horrible enough to make it on this list.

  • Dillon Shawn
    Dillon Shawn

    ...okay...this list is starting to get stupid...

  • Rosa Torres
    Rosa Torres

    Are u guys okay? because these is a really good movie. It doesn't deserve to be in this list.

  • soapstef

    That was the problem....the funny. When will they ever learn to balance these superhero movies?! These writers act like there isn't enough material to write a good serious movie. Are they actually reading the comic books?! Idiots.

  • cbgal527

    this was actually alot better than the first one... a lot more funnier.

  • kim

    this wasnt a bad movie, not better then the first but not bad