12 Catwoman (2004) Not

  • 12  Catwoman (2004)  Not
12. Catwoman (2004): Not even a half-naked Halle Berry could save this dud.
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  • Michael

    I loved this movie, Hallie's the best Catwoman, you've gotta remeber that she was different to the usual Catwoman tho - different character.

  • jerk

    She looked pretty good in it, if you can make yourself watch it.

  • Dillon Shawn
    Dillon Shawn

    ...I LOVE me some Halle Berry and Catwoman(R.I.P. Eartha Kitt);however,the above was REALLY bad... ...perhaps when Nolan does the next Batman Movie he'll give Halle a second shot at the role;or,will let Hillary Swank have a crack at it...

  • kim

    i agree this one did nothing for me, and catwoman is my fav