16 Batman & Robin (1997)

  • 16  Batman & Robin (1997)
16. Batman & Robin (1997): Will Mr. Freeze put Gotham City on ice? No, but the sight of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a campy supervillain seemed to have a chilling effect on the box office.
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  • lady

    this movie will be epic for all time

  • roger rabbitt
    roger rabbitt

    chris o'donnell made the entire movie. so hot.

  • Amelia_treelily

    Are you kidding me...this movie is really great...its a masterpiece of an action movie

  • RealBatmanFan

    This movie was sh*t all the way. I don't understand how anyone who's claims to be a fan of Batman can say that this was good.

  • YouAreMorons

    I've taken craps that stink less than this movie. The only way to make this movie worse is if they added Ja Rule to the cast. I can't believe some people actually try to defend this abortion of a movie.

  • jerk

    Worst of the franchise.

  • Dani

    Dear Celebuzz: You suck! Are you kidding?? This is actually one of the best action movies ever!! You don't know anything about movies!

  • jen

    Jeez Celebuzz, lemme guess, your list for "best super hero movies" is a bunch of retarded, gay ass movies that normal people hate?

  • corrigo

    lol are you kidding? This movie is awesome!

  • chris

    Very cheesy but I loved it. I still watch it when it comes on HBO.