17 Elektra (2005)

  • 17  Elektra (2005)
17. Elektra (2005): "Hey, here's a great idea! Let's take that lousy Daredevil movie and make a spin-off from it! Box-office gold, boss!"
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  • rachel

    At LEAST 6 of those movies were great

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  • jerk

    Ha, no kidding. She practically gets death threats after that stinker Daredevil, then they make a whole movie around her misfire. Actually I hated Colin F. worse though.

  • el.kabong

    'Unbreakable' pretty much sucked.

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  • James Mannion
    James Mannion

    Ah yes, this was a stunningly bad piece of crap movie.

  • jen

    umm celebuzz...ARE YOU FOR f*cking REAL???? Electra was a great movie!! What the hell are you talking about?!?!?!

  • Brian Rommel
    Brian Rommel

    I likede daredevil I did not like this If daredevil was a really bad movie this was worse

  • cadence

    this was an absolutely epic movie one of my all time favorites, it has no place on this list