2 Batman (1966) Yes

  • 2  Batman (1966)  Yes
2. Batman (1966): Yes, it was a campy classic. No, that does not make an effective superhero movie.
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  • Tc Neal
    Tc Neal

    it was supposed to be bad idiot

  • lady

    Its based off of a bad kids show from the 60s of course its bad thats why i love it.

  • jerk

    Yeah, celebuzz definitely off track here. Camp Classic should be enough to keep it off the list. Plenty of other garbage out there. WHERE'S HULK?!

  • kysmelly

    Holy pile of sh*t Batman!!!! Thats what the boy wonder would say about the makers of this list.

  • Dillon Shawn
    Dillon Shawn

    ...that's it! The author of this list is clearly not a fan of super hero comics/movies and the history behind it.

  • nerd

    You're idiots. This was superb. Where else would you ever find a line this fantastic: "Batman! We're helpless against it's monstrous invisible grip!". Idiots.

  • Brian Rommel
    Brian Rommel

    Holy smokes batman this movie is bad