7 Tank Girl (1995)

  • 7  Tank Girl (1995)
7. Tank Girl (1995): The movie's star, Lori Petty, later became tanked girl, getting arrested in 2009 on suspicion of DUI.. Which was only slightly more reckless than starring in this flick.
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  • Darby

    No way, this movie is amazing!

  • Bec

    Oh come on, Tank Girl is totally a cult classic. =) Terrible, yes, but also awesome.

  • jerk

    It was quite a mess. One of Ice T's most dignified roles, though.

  • Dillon Shawn
    Dillon Shawn

    ...only thing great about this movie was the song,"Army Of Me"...

  • soapstef

    Wow Naomi....what were you thinking?