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  • wtf

    how the hell do i go to the next picture ?!?!?!!?! lololol

  • Dreamily Duff
    Dreamily Duff

    i love her, in everything

  • Oh My
    Oh My

    WOW Lindey you definately don't do good in really up to close up pix my condolences to your adgency for letter this pix slip through the holes maybe a smile could have helped?????? alittle perhaps

  • christinamorrison

    It was undoubtedly a living nightmare for her, as it would be for anyone in that situation. Equally nightmarish is not being able to control the problem that gets a person into a situation like that in the first place. Hopefully now she's past that and won't return any time soon, if ever.

  • p0ker007

    I think and will always think beauty is skin deep for a reason..... We are all beautiful no matter how much makeup we have on or off in this case!

  • anonymous

    y did she make the mistake she did she was so cute in the parent trap and shes awsome in freky friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was a vary talented actress until she mad a mistake and ended up n jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now shes ruind the rest of her life and shes like what 23 years!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Pray for her...It's just not fair what these child stars become after they have made so much money for their parents...

  • Craig Holliman
    Craig Holliman

    you r an absolute so glad ur ok....big hug an kiss when i c u

  • crazylove

    So what she slipps up sometimes but can you blame her? with a dad like hers She just doesn't slip up sometimes, She slips up allllll the time. It's like she is a freak for attention.

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  • fishhead

    Poor little spoiled rich girl. She needs to do some time with Large Marge and a broom named "The Crotch Killer".

  • Eythorsson

    Just go back to your roots. You won´t regret it, just look at me.

  • maryann

    [quote=Marry Bang and Kill]dina lohan part of a mom spectacular episode of -

  • cwdnbe


  • refitu

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  • eusrir


  • theevaluator

    little rat teeth

  • ttbyjy


  • Apple

    So what she slipps up sometimes but can you blame her? with a dad like hers Lindsay spends a lot of time with her mom. With a mom like that, you can't blame Lindsay. The mom is a whore and an enabler.

  • theevaluator

    Ugh! What a Slag Skagg. She's a selfish little tramp-junkie with a rat face and little rat teeth. She is really a piece of crap person!

  • theevaluator

    I Love you,im rooting for you That's nice....but she don't care two sh*ts about you.

  • rasiay


  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason

    Veronica .. Should the police leave them alone too? I'll bet you'd be asking why SHE got off of her charges if YOU were thrown in the slammer!

  • fiercemomma

    So what she slipps up sometimes but can you blame her? with a dad like hers she is a train wreck and a slip up once,or twice would be one thing..this girl slipped and aint got back up!!! Her Daddy can not be blamed for ever,she is grown and now has nobody but herself to blame for her actions!

  • lenny

    thats kaley cuoco... penny... big bang theory well it looks like her kinda yer rite

  • bumbum

    thats kaley cuoco... penny... big bang theory

  • Rachel

    oh dang

  • Kayla

    People have choises. Just because your parent was some anal bother, doesn't mean you have to go, screw yourself up, following in there footsteps. FAIL.

  • theonlyafatra
  • gfs

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  • spaghettylip

    i dont look so hot without my makeup on either-who does?

  • skc211


  • gorgeouskate

    i just love in parent trap. i really don't know what happened to her.

  • veronica somers
    veronica somers

    peopel should leave the stars alone, and let them live there life.

  • darianacarballea

    Se merece que sea perdonada a pesar de los escandalos que ha tenido a su alrededor. Te considero una buena actriz , pero cuida tu carrera

  • Darlene

    I Love you,im rooting for you

  • germanxxannie

    god, that's mean.


    [quote=Marry Bang and Kill]dina lohan part of a mom spectacular episode of - vote!

  • Jake

    So what she slipps up sometimes but can you blame her? with a dad like hers

  • imsexy

    wat i cnt belive it she was 1 of my role modle but i guess i have to kick her out

  • srwguf


  • Marry Bang and Kill
    Marry Bang and Kill

    dina lohan part of a mom spectacular episode of - vote!