Actress Lindsay Lohan - zoom in

  • Actress Lindsay Lohan - zoom in
Actress Lindsay Lohan - zoom in on her bony frame!
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  • Nikole Gregory
    Nikole Gregory

    OMG she looks horrible!! too skinny ewww id rather be chunky than look like that. So unhealthy

  • aavvaaaa

    she look stupid whore yes i totally agree with you. she is a whore, slut whatever damn bad words are there to her. she wants a c*ck rammed into her pussy and ass. I would love to f*ck her for a day or two

  • avvaa

    she look stupid whore


    SHE'S HALF BLACK!!! and she neeeds to eat a burger sometime soon before she blows away and disinagrates into mush

  • Jesus

    I sorry for her & all fans because do you remember the pretty girl 2002-2003-2004 the managers make this with her because they sale her for paty's and more and she's under contract with the managers, everybody know that. poor lady. This picture realy kill me.

  • A A
    A A

    What look? Anorexia? Yeah. Her skull looks like it's about to suck in all her facial features for nourishment.

  • Prada

    This look is really not wokrking for her. I love the dress though. The pockets are fab.