The 'Cruel Intentions' Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • The 'Cruel Intentions' Cast: Where Are They Now?
Character: Kathryn MerteuilPlayed By: Sarah Michelle GellarCharacter Summary: Kathryn is the stepsister of Sebastian. She’s the leader of her posh prep school in New York City. Having been left by her ex Court, Kathryn is seeking revenge. She agrees to help show Cecila aka Selma Blair the ropes of school with every intention in destroying her and getting back at Court, who left Kathryn for Cecile. Kathryn tries to persuade her brother to help out with her plan. However, Sebastian has plans to seduce another girl named Annette. This is when Kathryn and Sebastian make a bet. If Sebastian can get with Annette, he wins and Kathryn will agree to sleep with him. If Sebastian doesn’t get with Annette, he loses and Kathryn gets his amazing vintage car.
Source: Columbia Pictures
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