Justin TImberlake once rocked the Canadian

  • Justin TImberlake once rocked the Canadian
Justin TImberlake once rocked the Canadian tuxedo...and dated Britney Spears. Now he owns a record label, a successful clothing line, a multitude of restaurants, makes millions AND looks like this. Well done sir.
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  • rafeef

    he is not a successful ....he is such a looooser ..he balled his career on britney's name ..and copy past michael jackson and usher ..and timbeland tottly created him ....LOSER ...and eww justin is soooo ugggggggllyyyyy in these 2 pics ..soooo fugly .i wanna puke ewwwwww ..

  • sasha

    Britney is beautiful as always.Too bad Justin looks like sh*t now ! Thats what happen to people when they dont follow their heart

  • ME

    Britney looks good now Mileena so take your hatin' butt somewhere else. And I love how this commentary tries to insinuate Justin had bad taste in clothes AND women when they say he wore that "Canidian Tuxedo" and......dated Britney Spears. She made his ass...period. They were the best couple ever.

  • Mileena

    I never thought he was cute, let alone sexy. I've always loved their outfits in the picture on the left, especially Britney's. She looked hot. A decade ago.

  • sasha

    I love them ! Best couple ever! Please get back together!

  • vpopadiuc87

    jt is timeless!!!! effinnng cute !

  • tatts09

    denim overload...gross..but i still love ya justin timberlake!!!!