The Evolution of Daniel Radcliffe

  • The Evolution of Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe full of cheer during an interview on November 15, 2010.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Marisa

    Umm. He is sexy as hell, I bet half of you saying he's not are guys who are jealous that girls aren't all over you, lmfao.

  • Sara

    Ilove him :DDD

  • Noelle

    Lol you guys are being retarded, ok so A: he's really hot and B: even if he wasnt i bet any girl would jump if he asked her on a date!! He's a MILLIONAIRE sweety i don't think anyone really cares about his looks. He's gorgeous, rich and British. What els could you ask for?

  • Sergey

    He looks just his typical British way. And he's not a dwarf. But unfortunately with each photo of the sequence he looks worse. Such a metamorphose one can notice in Western Europe: children look like angels and there parents - like ugly dwarfs. Don't ask me why - I don't know!

  • Dinorah López
    Dinorah López

    well, what if he did seemed like an idiot, shut up, he´s just dwarf because the average is 1.80 or so,

  • jasmlypp

    He's a dwarf and in that scene dancing with Emma Watson, he looked like a idiot and i laught really hard. Besides, he's not even handsome.

  • hahaha

    lol @ what peterpan said

  • peterpan

    He is not even remotely hot. He looks more like a gremlin than a halfway decent human being. at times in while looking at this gallery i thought i was looking at a homeless.

  • sobriquet87

    He just gets hotter and hotter! He is smoking hot in the scene in DH when he dances with Hermione.